Transfer Station (Underground Holding Tank)

Sometimes termed Underground Holding Tanks, Transfer Stations act as intermediate dumping points for faecal sludge when it cannot be easily transported to a (Semi-) Centralized Treatment facility. A vacuum truck must empty Transfer Stations when they are full. Manual, or small scale sludge emptiers who use the MAPET or the Gulper, for example, dump the sludge in a local transfer station rather than either a) dumping it illegally or b) trying to travel to a distant collection point. When the Transfer Station is full, a vacuum truck empties the contents and takes the sludge to a suitable treatment facility. If the municipality or sewerage authority is operating the Transfer Station they may charge for permits to dump in the Transfer Station to offset the cost of maintaining the facility. The Transfer Station consists of a parking place for the vacuum truck or sludge cart, a connection point for the discharge hose, and a storage tank. The dumping point at the Transfer Station should be built low enough to minimize spills when labourers are manually emptying their sludge carts. Additionally, the Transfer Station should include a vent, a trash screen to remove large debris (garbage) and a washing facility for vehicles.

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