Peepoo bag

The Peepoo is a self-sanitising biodegradable personal single-use toilet. It is especially suitable for urban slum areas and in emergency relief where there is no space, where there are problems with high water tables and pits cannot be built, and places where water is scarce. The Peepoo can be used to collect both faeces and urine. It can be used standing or sitting, with just your hand or in a small bucket. The Peepoo contains urea, which sanitises the faeces from all dangerous bacteria, viruses and parasites. The Peepoo is odour free for up to 12 to 24h and can thus be stored without problem in people’s homes until it is convenient to hand in at a drop point. After it has been stored 2 to 4 weeks, at an average temperature of at least 20ºC, pathogens are inactivated and the content can be used as a safe fertiliser and soil amendment. (compiled by: Eytan Gur (seecon international gmbh); adapted from: PEEPOOPLE (Editor) (2010))

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